PRESS RELEASE: Albany, NY – Activists Successfully Blockade Bomb Train

Press release on yesterday’s Break Free Albany action. For additional press releases see the Albany 2016 media page.  Twitter coverage at @BanBombTrains #Albany2016 #BreakFree2016.

***Activists Successfully Blockade Bomb Train***

Contact: Aly JohnsonKurts
(802) 595-9593

ln an action that caught county officials off guard, two climbers suspended themselves from train tracks on a railroad bridge that crosses the Watervliet Reservoir. They successfully blockaded a train from North Dakota carrying fracked crude oil, also known as a “bomb train” because of its explosive nature.

The climbers and climate activists – Marissa Shea and Maeve McBride – had climb lines that crossed the tracks in a way which would cause them to fall and be injured if a train were to run over their ropes. Their lives were literally on the line.

The activists describe their efforts as enforcing the public trust doctrine which requires that vital natural resources, in this case the atmosphere, on which human wel being depend must be cared for by our own governments for the benefit of present and future generations.

“The global climate system, on which every human depends, is no longer stable because our governments have utterly failed us. So now, for our survival, we will act on climate ourselves,” said Marissa Shea.

The activists demand that the business as usual economy, which is currently reliant on fossil fuels,must be transformed into a new fossil free economy that is just and equitable, a just transition.

“Most of my family lives within a few miles of where the bomb trains travel. This is personal and global. Their lives are at risk and millions of lives are at risk with rising seas, forest fires, violent storms, and all the havoc that global warming brings,” said Maeve McBride, who grew up in Troy.”Today I felt called to directly obstruct the fossil fuel industry joining thousands of others around the world.

“Maeve, Marissa, and 3 of their support team were arrested after successfully stopping the train. This action is a part of an escalation called Break Free, where organizations across the world are taking action in response to rapidly unfolding climate change.

Break Free Albany is organized by a volunteer coalition of over 100 groups – including global groups such as, statewide organizations like Citizen Action of NY, and local community organizations like A Village, Inc. in the South End of Albany.